Week 1

CIC2.0 Week 1 Discussion

The first week was filled with excitement and trepidation.

There was some basic introductory material presented along with a list of 2 texts (available from Amazon).
We meet the lecturers/tutor behind the course.
The initial experience was very good and after manoeuvering around some technical iissues, things ran smoothly.

Week 1 was spent familiarising ourselves with books, videos, notes, blogs and carrying out an important "creativity" project.
"The Shoe Tower Exercise".
Thousands of innovative outcomes appeared on the Blog, setup for thios purpose.
Darron built a reasonable structure, height = 120cm, 40 shoes, T = 3 (which was submitted), as well as looking at building (for my own enjoyment) the most beautiful tower with the highest T measure that I could come up with.
This project lead to a Shoe Tower, 48cm high, with 6 beautiful shoes for T = 8. This tower really impressed all my friends on FB.

Other can add their experience here for fun (using the edit function at the bottom of the page, once you are a member of this site). So join now.

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