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I have written a poem titled - An Ode to my Grand Kids and the structure is based on the 3 principles covered in the CIC 2.0 course.
These principles are;

  1. Creativity
  2. Innovation
  3. Change

Read and enjoy (like I enjoyed creating this poem)
[Ode to Kids]

I have written a poem titled - An Ode to my Grand Kids and the structure is based on the 3 principles covered in the CIC 2.0 course.
These principles are;

  1. Creativity
  2. Innovation
  3. Change

Read and enjoy (like I enjoyed creating this poem)
[Ode to Kids]

Week 6 Assignment - Branding by MatrixIPMatrixIP, 19 Aug 2014 08:32
Re: Week 4
MatrixIPMatrixIP 06 Aug 2014 07:34
in discussion CIC2.0 Week 4 / Assignment » Week 4

The week 4 exercise is quite challenging.
You need to involve yourself in a "Bold Act of Defiance".

I chose to go to work one morning(last Monday), turn off all my work comms and just focus on reading and doing CIC stuff. I continued reading Jack's book, did some mind warping(?), came up with 30 new ideas around my life ring and generally enjoyed myself.
Fortunately there were no emergencies at work and no traumas that needed my attention. I got in 6 hours (of non-work). I have subsequently caught up with the work from this period, so that is good. But I had fun and felt very bold.
Fortunately, no-one noticed, so I still have my job. Ha,ha.
Hope you all have as much fun.

Re: Week 4 by MatrixIPMatrixIP, 06 Aug 2014 07:34

I have further developed my life ring and started on some of the initial projects I planned to realise my goal of educating children (initially my grand children) on the environment. I have thought of a story line and my lead character (who will tell the interesting stories) is Rosie Rozella (Google " Rozella photos" to see what she looks like in real life).
Let me know how you are going with the projects in your "life ring".

Re: Assignment Week 3 by MatrixIPMatrixIP, 06 Aug 2014 07:24
Week 4
MatrixIPMatrixIP 02 Aug 2014 05:57
in discussion CIC2.0 Week 4 / Assignment » Week 4

I cannot wait for week 4. 2more sleeps!
I am enjoying this course so much.
I hope you all have time to relax, think about the content and apply it to your own situation. Go for it.

Week 4 by MatrixIPMatrixIP, 02 Aug 2014 05:57

I really enjoyed creating my "Life Ring" as the assignment week 3.
It made things a lot clearer for me as I move forward with life goals.
How did you all go?
Was it fun or a bit too confronting?
I would like to know what you thought and what your goals are.
My goal is to (initially) educate my grand children (all 3 under 5 years old) on the environment and on environmental issues.
I would then share this with kids of the world.
Big goal, yes.
Achievable - where there is a will there is a way!
Keep innovating.

Assignment Week 3 by MatrixIPMatrixIP, 02 Aug 2014 05:54

Thanks for posting here.
A lot more personal, I feel.
I was mildly innovative. I am also not surprised.
It is good that we are both in the 90% percentile (i.e where the majority lie).
This probably means we have more chance of meeting and collaborating with "like-minded" individuals.
I am also heading for distinction (just because it sounds, and is a bit more challenging).
I did 4 peer reviews on the Shoe Tower exercise, which you can do, as I am travelling later in the course and will not have as much time to work and study this course.
I am really enjoying this course.
I hope we all are.

Re: assignement2 by MatrixIPMatrixIP, 27 Jul 2014 07:09

Hey all! What were your creative styles? I was considered mildly adaptive. Not shocking for me. I know that I tend to be analytical and focused on details. I am going for the course certificate with distinction which requires us to do peer evaluations of others' reflections. I just completed the shoe tower evaluations and learned quite a bit in that one of the shoe towers was very much like mine (practical, lots of shoes making up the solid base, heavier type of shoe used) and the other was so different (made out of a much lighter type of shoe, fewer shoes needed). Both were successful while being so different. It's interesting to see how we can come up with different ideas given the same exact assignment. This is my first MOOC and I'm really enjoying what I'm getting out of it. Hope you all are too!

Re: assignement2 by Rebecca DRebecca D, 26 Jul 2014 13:40

Thanks for sharing.

Re: assignement2 by MatrixIPMatrixIP, 25 Jul 2014 06:01

yes, it is more introspective. I´m in the middle. As I have been a lawyer one day, I cannot dare so much. I do not breakt the law, but I may stretch it a little bit…

assignement2 by Marilena MoraesMarilena Moraes, 24 Jul 2014 21:39
Re: Creativity by MatrixIPMatrixIP, 24 Jul 2014 01:02

Hi Marilena, Wendy-Ann and all
I have completed the week 2 assignment after reading all the materials.
I answered the questions and selected a rating as best I could to describe myself.

I ended up with an assessment that my Creative Style is "Mildly Innovative".
I thought htis was reasonably accurate. I self assessed myself as a bit more innovative (perhaps moderate), but c'est la vie!
I am haapy with the assessment and I am personally loving the course work for the CIC2.0.

Let me know how you go with your Creative Style score.

Sorry folks, I should have explained that "MatrixIP" is me (Darron Passlow).
FYI, just completed the week2 exercise.
I am rated "mildly innovative" which pleases me as it suits me.
The exercise is fun. Go for it.

We need to come up with a simple problem that is of interest to a majority of the group and look at how we can jointly go about solving it. Any suggestions?

Video 4 (2.4) askes individuals/teams to discuss a problem that needs solving and to brainstorm on how you might go about this.
A technique (Developed by IDEO) called "Design Thinking" is mentioned by Kathryn and is a very good techninique that is worth considering. To help with this have a look at Video 5 (2.5) which shows Design Thinking used in SAP University - good fun.

Living in Australia, I came up with 10 cities/5 countries (Diverge) then selected one to visit (Converge).
Choices included France (Bordeaux/Loire), Italy (Chianti/Rome), Spain/Portugal (Barcelona/Madrid/Lisbon), Japan (Kioto/Hiroshima), Turkey (Istanbul). I decided on Spain and Portugal as my wife and I are already booked to go there early next year.

Exercise # 1 was to think about 10 locations you would like to go to (diverge) then come up with one location to visit (Converge)

I have started reading the CENTER book by lecturer Darrell.
It is quite interesting with some good information and good insights into the Creativity process. Wort a read.
Have not started Jack's book yet but have stolen the name for this Wiki!
Will let you know when I get into this book. I am sure it will be interesting.
HAve you read it yet.

CENTER reading by MatrixIPMatrixIP, 22 Jul 2014 01:33

This is a great platform. Well done.
I also really enjoyed the shoe tower exercise. My best T score was 16! But that tower was not very pretty to look at and I used a lot of boots. I gathered from the 'office hours' video on Facebook that boots were OK?
Well done for being brave enough to get your friends to rate your tower. I am not quite there yet and I think my mates would have thought I was going mad.

Re: Shoe Tower 101 - DP by Wendy-Ann WoodWendy-Ann Wood, 21 Jul 2014 18:04

I enjoyed the Shoe Tower Exercise.
I ended up submitting the best engineerig design I could muster;
Height = 120cm, Shoes 40, T = 3 (pretty ordinary?)
I had a lot of fun but I was in for more fun when I decided to post my effort on my Facebook Page and asked friends to comment and give me a rating. I wanted some objective comments about my work.
Most friends (who know me pretty well) thought I was going in sane and ready for a quiet retirement (somewhere safe!).
Once they got over the initial shock, I got very good responses and ratings that lifted my persoonal rating from 6.5 to betwen 8 and 9. I was happy with this.

Shoe Tower 101 - DP by MatrixIPMatrixIP, 21 Jul 2014 06:24
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